In-Company "Angular.js Intensive Training" in Amsterdam (NL)
I will teach your team how to create amazing web products
using one of the best web frameworks ever

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Now is the time to learn Angular.js. Be ready for the future because Angular.js has come to stay.

  • Learn how to structure Angular.js applications thinking in long term
  • Learn how to design visual / software layers using MVC pattern
  • Learn how to connect to APIS and draw dynamic User Interfaces
  • Learn to add reusable behaviour by extending html with Angular.js
  • Learn how to create a dynamic UI library
  • Learn from big picture to the details and start working with Angular.js

It just went massive popular

Angular.js is the most popular single page application web framework. It didn't stop growing since it got out to market

Day 1 / Let's learn the basics


  • 09:00,  Introduction to Angular.js
  • 09:15,  Introduction to single page applications
  • 09:30,  Installing Angular.js
  • 09:45,  Understanding Angular.js states (ui-router) and defining states
  • 10:00,  Modules and ng-app
  • 11:00,  The scope concept (and playing with it)
  • 12:00, Break - Lunch


  • 12:30, Dependency injection
  • 13:00, Introduction to Directives
  • 14:10, Templates, Expressions, Filters and Directives together
  • 14:50, Small Break
  • 15:00, Questions about what we have seen
  • 15:20, Factories and Controllers
  • 15:50, Understanding the basic flow of an Angular.js application


  • 16:10, Playing with a simple Angular.js application with all what we have seen
  • 17:20, Implementing a feature
  • 18:00, Questions
  • 18:20, Closing

Day 2 / Structuring the application, connecting


  • 09:00, Introduction to grunt (Installing grunt packages, Loading tasks, Basic grunt tasks, dev. env. using grunt)
  • 10:00, Reusing components mindset
  • 10:30, Model View Controller pattern applied to Angular.js
  • 11:00, Model Driven using Angular
  • 12:00, Designing Angular.js applications architecture
  • 12: 30, Break: Lunch


  • 13:30, Questions about what we have seen
  • 14:00, Understanding javascript promises and using the $q service
  • 14:30, Connecting to external services (http, websocket)
  • 15:00, Authenticating APIs and Authorization logic on frontend
  • 16:00,  Designing model layer using angular-activerecord
  • 17:00, Small Break


  • 17:10, Designing and implementing a basic application together
  • 18:20, Closing

Day 3 / Going deep


  • 09:00, $injector
  • 09:30, $rootscope and $scope (and playing with it)
  • 10:30, The process of $apply and $digest
  • 12:00, Break: Lunch


  • 12:30, Questions about what we have seen
  • 14:00, Layouts using ui-router
  • 14:30, Designing and implementing a UI library
  • 15:30, Small Break
  • 15:45, Node.js and package managment using package.json
  • 16:15, Bower.js and package managment using bower.json
  • 16:45, Build process
  • 17:45, Working in an agile team with designers and backend developers
  • 18:00, Closing

Is this a good course for you or your team?

To be able to learn from this course, students should have a basic knowledge on html, css and javascript already. You are supposed to have experience already building websites or web applications. You want to bring web development to  the next level using Angular.js framework.

Training format

  • I move to your office in Amsterdam area
  • The students bring their laptops
  • I draw in a whiteboard
  • I quickly explain you the relevant information
  • Students take notes and try things in real time
  • I project my computer screen
  • We try things and think together

Who is David Valín

About the author

David Valín in a spanish serial autodidact in everything related to internet technology. He started learning in 1996 when internet just arrived to Spain. In the last years, he has worked in multiple projects, in different roles, fact that turned David Valín in an experienced developer that touched almost all the areas of web development.

More about David Valín

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